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How Music Can Help Autism and an Interview with Daniel Wakeford

Education is at the heart of everything we do here at Class People. From Early Years and Primary to Secondary and SEN, we have a wide spectrum of teaching opportunities to offer all across the South-West, South-East and Midlands. We recognise the importance of providing our schools with the best teachers to help educate students from a variety of backgrounds, including those with learning difficulties.

Our SEN educators possess a great set of skills that allow them to carefully manage sensitive situations and create a good sense of trust with the individual. Many of our SEN specialists work closely with students who suffer with Autism, a mental condition that makes communication difficult. As the spectrum is so vast and each case is individual it makes it difficult to generalise what methods are most helpful.


Many studies have proved that music is a great tool to use in supporting emotional, cognitive and social development, and can help improve communication levels too. There are a number of benefits that music can have on a child and can have a great impact on how they interact with others, simply by introducing nursery rhymes that are easy to repeat and encouraging them to communicate through singing. Implementing simple techniques like this can be really positive in an Autistic child’s life, and hopefully improve their future life skills.

We spoke with Daniel Wakeford, best known for his appearance on the TV show ‘The Undateables’, during Autism Awareness Week last month. The condition makes it difficult for Daniel to communicate and form relationships, and here he explains how much music has changed his life and some advice for those who also suffer with Autism.

Hi Daniel. What was your experience like at school?

I went to special speech & language schools and everyone was brilliant, I really enjoyed those schools.

Class People have a great community of SEN educators who really understand the importance of creating a positive connection and sense of trust with each individual. Can you tell us about a teacher of yours who went above and beyond for you, and what they did to help when you faced any difficulties?

Mr Daniels – he was a very happy person and helped me with my lessons.

What kind of challenges did you face while you were in education?

I had trouble understanding and speaking when I was at school.

If you could go back and tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Follow your dreams!

You’re now on tour with your music – that’s exciting! Can you tell us about that and who/what inspired you to get into it?

ABBA, they are the greatest band ever!

I started to make music about 8 years ago. I met Tom Cook, my song writing partner in August 2009 at singing lessons, and Tom Cook is making music for me and we made The Black Of Lonely. Black of Lonely is one of my songs. Now I have my band ‘The Daniel Wakeford Experience’.

Have you found writing and performing music has helped with your Autism?

Writing my songs helps me to tell people what I’m thinking in my brain and singing has given me lots of confidence.

We wish you luck with the tour!


If you have the skills and experience to work in an SEN environment; excellent at team work, resilient, patient, approachable and not easily offended then we would love to work with you. Register with us today or check out our latest roles here.



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